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    Malama 'Aina


 About Ka‘elepulu Pond (Enchanted Lake) and ELRA

Ka‘elepulu Pond, located in Windward O‘ahu, is also known as Enchanted Lake and includes about 95 acres of water, wetlands and small, low islands. It connects to the ocean at Kailua Beach Park via Ka‘elepulu Canal. Access to the lake is restricted to residents who are members of the Enchanted Lake Residents Association (ELRA).

ELRA is a non-profit organization that holds title to and manages a 79.471 acre portion of the lake. The board of the ELRA has taken a pro-active role in the management of the pond, with the ultimate goal of restoring Kaelepulu to support diverse fisheries resources and recreational activities in clean water.

Lake DPP Extension Info

The DPP (Declaration of Protective Provisions), a document that sets out broad guidelines regarding the use and care of the lake is set to expire in 2016, unless we vote to extend it.

The ELRA believes that this extension is vital to our lakeside community. With the new extension, we can undertake long-term sustainability prospects for the lake and provide for a secure lake future.

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Lake Conditions

IMG_1639 The lake was opening by a crew of volunteers on 7/31. It was very successful and there was an excellent exchange of water. Click for photos and video.


Board meetings are usually held on the second Tuesday of the month at the home of a board member. Residents are welcome to attend.

Contact us for date confirmation and meeting location if you are interested in coming. You can read the board meeting minutes or the ELRA e-newsletter.

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